MARXWAY Consulting Services, Inc.

Thank you for visiting MARXWAY Consulting Services located in Las Vegas Nevada.  For over twenty years we have provided nationwide wireless construction and project management services for leading wireless telecommunications carriers and general contractors such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint/iPCS Wireless, T-Mobile, Clearwire, CricKet/Leap Wireless, Cingular, Bechtel, Lucent, WFI, Western Wireless/Alltel, Whalen & Co/TetraTech, Winstar, and Black & Veatch/TCI Cable.  We are continually expanding our availability for potential contractual endeavors by exploring opportunities all across the USA that mirror our extensive background and experience in the wireless operations management disciplines.  Given reasonable notice, we can easily deploy personnel for extended and indefinite periods.  We would sincerely welcome the opportunity to share with you some of our achievements and elaborate on how we can make substantial contributions to your organization.